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Currently the escrow system is v.0.8.1

This means it is still in development and users are encouraged to proceed at their own risk until development reaches v.1.0 or greater.

Secure your funds, and don't worry about users scamming you. We offer in-house escrow services and act as arbitrators. This means the project must be performed as stated by the employer or the funds will not be released to the applicant.

Escrow is created with requirements set by the employer. This ensures the employer does not change the agreement during the project, and ensures the a clear understanding of the projects intended goals and design requirements.

For Employers

Post your job listings on the forums using the standard format (found here) and wait for the applicants to message you with their offers.

You can also browse the Contractors Section and view appliacnts that have posted their services and skills, allowing you to hire them directly.

You set the project requirements and deposit funds into the escrow. Once the contractor has delivered the project & it meets the requirements, the funds are released to the buyer.

The Employer has 4 days to bring the escrow to dispute if ther is an issue, although the employer can also simply ask the contractor to fix any issues not meeting the requirements of the project as stated in the escrow.

We encourage both parties to attempt resolution before bringing the escrow to a dispute.

For Contractors

Contractors (or applicants prior to accepting a job) are able to browse the various job listings posted by potential employers, and message them with a resume and skillset.

Contractors can also post their abilities, skills, resumes, and anything else they see fit to the forums under the Contractor Section, allowing employers to browse your abilities and offers.

Once you accept a job, the employer will start the escrow. Before they fund the escrow, they state clear requirements for the project. You must agree to the requirements for the escrow to continue.

The employer then funds the escrow, and you start work on the project. If the project you deliver meets the requirements stated in the escrow, you are paid within 4 business days. If it does not, the employer may bring the escrow to dispute or may simply request another attempt.

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